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Includes Theatre and Pleasure Houses

Ancient Pompeii Tour with top-rated local English-speaking guide

An ancient city reveals its story!

Join us for a fascinating and informative 2.5-hour guided walking tour of the ancient ruins of Pompeii. Buried from 79 AD until the 18th Century under the volcanic debris from the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius, excavations have enabled Pompeii to tell you her story.

Experience life as it was in the 1st Century. We begin with the Theatre, site of stage productions of comedies and tragedies that delighted a middle-class community. Then it’s the famous Thermal Baths. Artfully decorated, you’ll marvel at the structures, from dressing rooms to athletic fields. They reveal an advanced architectural expertise and passion for beauty.

The port city of Pompeii boasted a bustling nightlife and commerce. Mediterranean sailors frequented the many restaurants, bars and brothels that lined the community’s streets. Food, clothing, and even slaves were for sale here. Our shopping walk includes wine cellars, restaurants, price comparisons and rare recipes.

You’ll enjoy learning about our next stops, the barracks of the gladiators, the luxurious villas and the pleasure houses. Then we’ll take a peek into the infamous red light district . . .

A highlight of our walk is the ancient Forum. The center for banking, voting, economics and religion, colleagues met in grand public buildings to guide life in the Empire. Many elaborate processions and ceremonies took place in these very streets.

Getting to Pompeii is easy. Located several kilometers south of Naples and 240 km south of Rome, it can be reached by train (Pompeii Scavi Station).

Our tour is unique. There is no waiting in line for entrance to the historic ruins of Pompeii and you will have a private guide.

2.5 hours
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